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Adding Self-Signed CA to Firefox

Firefox uses its own CA store within the browser itself to identify certificates. The following steps will work for Firefox on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Click on the More tab near the top right of the browser, and go into Settings.

Screenshot 2021-06-12 011514.png

Click on Privacy & Security tab on the left, and scroll down to the Certificate section.

Screenshot 2021-06-06 232049.png

Click View Certificates, and choose to Import. Import your  CA(s), and check the box for Trust this CA to identify website. Click OK to save the changes.Screenshot 2021-06-06 232109.png

Screenshot 2021-06-06 232120.png

Screenshot 2021-06-06 232227.png

Screenshot 2021-06-06 232252.png

At this point, you can refresh your browser, and the browser will show you that it is a secure site.

Screenshot 2021-06-12 012532.png

Screenshot 2021-06-12 012545.png

Screenshot 2021-06-12 012605.png