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Open-Source, simple, self-hosted, easy-to-use platform for organizing and storing information.

Brocade FastIron OS

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If you need reliability and stability for a 24/7 server deployment, a Linux OS is the only way to go, and one of most stable Li...


Linux Command Lines Quick Reference

Linux Packages


My HomeLab

My HomeLab journey over the years

Netgear Switches

Netgear switches are some of the most affordable managed network switches around. Their relatively cheap cost, especially when ...


Free and open-source enterprise grade Firewall OS

Raspberry Pi Projects

Developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the Raspberry Pi is a low-cost ARM-based small computing board that can be customize ...



TrueNAS CORE is a free, open-source NAS OS developed by iXsystems based on FreeBSD, and uses the ZFS filesystem. TrueNAS can ru...

Unifi Controller

The central management platform for Ubiquiti Unifi Network devices.

Web Browsers

Everything about Web Browsers

Windows 10

Windows CMD Administration

Quick CMD Reference for Windows Administration